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Community of Joy Memorial Garden and church tour

In the early months of 2008, the congregation and council of Community of Joy Lutheran Church reached a consensus regarding the building of a Memorial Garden.  It was determined that this new garden would be for the inurnment of members of the congregation, and also to memorialize loved-ones who have passed.

A committee was established to consider the cost, design, and polices regarding this new Memorial Garden.

The committee agreed that this Garden should be one in which beauty and serenity go hand-in-hand. It was to be a place for prayer and reflection.

The garden is located on the southwest corner of the church property.  This area has a beautiful wooded backdrop, which highlights the garden during all four seasons.

The garden is designed with three circular burial gardens surrounding a circular meditation and prayer area.  The meditation area is located just beyond the magnificent wrought iron entrance arch, which displays the words: "COMMUNITY OF JOY MEMORIAL GARDEN."

The burial gardens are in a triangular formation signifying the Holy Trinity.  The garden at the top of the triangle is the “Garden of the Father.”  On the right is the “Garden of the Son.”  And on the left is "Garden of the Holy Spirit".  Each Garden is identified with engraved stones. These burial gardens are connected to the meditation garden by walkways.  There are approximately 74 sites in each garden with room for additional burial gardens if needed.  Each burial site is marked with numbered plates for easy identification.

A beautiful waterfall is the major focal point and a glorious highlight of the meditation garden.  The waterfall is surrounded by lovely plantings which help make this spot an inviting welcoming area to the garden.

A directory will be placed just inside the entrance arch for those who wish to locate their loved-ones site easily. Park-like benches will be placed randomly throughout the garden for those who wish to simply sit and enjoy the beauty, solitude, and sanctity of our garden.

Just outside the garden are the flagpole standards.  The American and Christian flags fly high above our garden - waving ever so majestically.

Planting berms with their multiple varieties of plants and large boulders surround the entire area of the garden.

The Memorial Garden was dedicated in November of 2008.

We consider our Memorial Garden to be one of the most picturesque* in the Village.  The Triune God is truly reflected in our garden, and the presence of the Holy Spirit is palpable to all who enter.  We invite you to come and visit the Community of Joy Memorial Garden and see for yourself.  To God be the glory!


For more information, please contact Community of Joy at 501-915-9569

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